Saturday, 13 January 2018

Saturday Sketch Inspiration

Its been VERY cold this week in Yellowknife. 
I also managed to become bed ridden for a day
because of a little Nasty 36 hour flu bug, 
I felt like someone took a baseball bat to my entire body! 
Thank goodness it didn't linger too long.

Sean really wanted me to go to the cabin
but its really to cold to do anything there
so he went without me so I could stay home
and scrapbook - BLISS!

We received these great photos with a Christmas Card
from the Feldbergs who live in Fernie... since we are
going to visit them at the end of January I thought I
would scrapbook the photos and give them back to them framed!

I used the January Sketch posted in the
If you love using SMS sequins you should join the group!

Next I decided that I should start the year off with my usual 
Scrapbooking Goal to always participate in Creative Scrapbooker's
Monthly Sketchy Challenge. Here is the Jan 2018 Sketch & my layout!
You'll notice that I did rotate the sketch to the right for this layout.

Hope your finding time to stay cozy and do some scrapbooking!

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