Sunday, 10 September 2017

CS Sketchy Challenge Catch Up!

The summer has kept us busy getting settled into 
full time living in Yellowknife and finishing construction on our Tiny Cabin... 
which had an expansion last weekend which I will save for another post.

I managed to squeeze in some time to scrapbook last night and 
completed these two layouts using the 
Sketchy Challenge at Creative Scrapbooker

Using the June Sketch and a June photo!

The Fish Tale
One evening back in June, our two VP's were up for meetings
 in YK and we decided to take them to the cabin for dinner. 
Kara brought her son, 5 year old Nathaniel.
After dinner Sean decided to do a little fishing
while us ladies talked shop and did the dishes.
on the second cast Nathaniel landed a fish,
Sean decided to video tape his struggle,
I loved listening to the coaching and encouragement,
and it was so cute how Nathaniel kept telling Sean
he was to little and needed Sean to help him because
 it was too hard to reel the big fish in.
Luckily we heard Sean call us ladies 
and we got to the shore in time to take a few photos.
It was the first time Nathaniel caught his own fish!

These photo were sitting on the "Pile to Scrap" 
for quite some time, had papers and embellishments 
already chosen so it came together quite quickly
with the July Sketch.

Hopefully I will find another night soon to catch up
on the August and September CS Sketchy Challenge!

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