Thursday, 8 June 2017

On the Move

Well this is going to be a challenging next two years for my scrapbooking passion, 
I will be without a creative spot to retreat too. 
Some significant changes with Sean's business, 
we have sold our home & office in Edmonton...
With plans to build our retirement dream home in the mountains one day... 
for now, we will be living up north full time and will simplify the business back to one office in Yellowknife. Some bonuses for us will be, not looking after two homes & offices... just a small condo and a cozy tiny cabin on the lake.
Life should be a little less busy? And simpler we hope. 
I have put more then 2/3 of my scrapbooking studio into long term,
unaccessible storage,
a small pile in storage with a vehicle in Edmonton
 so I can scrapbook on the go when visiting friends and family
 as well as a small amount basics in Yellowknife. 
It will be different to scrapbook for an afternoon at the kitchen table instead of 
photos, paper and embellishments out on my pile to scrap,
several embellishments and tools
waiting for an evening or weekend to cocoon!

Here is my first dose of scrappy time, I spent a few days at my parents farm
 and took over the kitchen table while I visited with them for a few days!
Here are a few of my favourites,

Hockey Playoff Layout!

Recent Memories from my 50th Birthday Trip to Europe

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