Wednesday, 10 February 2016

2015 CS Sketchy Challenges

Last year about this time I made a Scrapbooking Goal to complete each CS Sketchy Challenge thru 2015... well like some fitness goals I started out strong but then everyday life took me off course. Last May we listed our house - which sold in 24 hours - and we were without a home for 6 weeks, hence I was without my cozy loft and the scrapbooking halted thru the packing and unpacking process - July to November!

I enjoyed spending most of the past weekend tucked away in my new studio catching up with a few of the challenges that I missed.
Here we go.... All of them for the year!

 Cyclones appears in the Canadian Scrapbooker
 Special 10 Year Anniversary Issue!

Throwing Rocks appears in the Canadian Scrapbooker
Special 10 Year Anniversary Issue!

Another tough Sketch but I pushed through it and was surprised 
once I chose the photo how easily it came together!

A recent Shimelle blog post also inspired me to get this selfie Scrapbooked
Our kids are so awesome at taking selfies!
I'm getting better too! check out the October Sketch, 
I practiced a lot when I was on a girls Trip to LV for Jocelyn's Stagette!

2015 August Sketchy Challenge

2015 September Sketchy Callenge

Lucky Me! This one is in the Summer 2016 issue
 of Creative Scrapbooker Magazine
My favourite part is the little piece of string that I attached to the photo!
I have had that little piece in my stash for years! 
This was the perfect place for it :)

I found this Sketch particularly challenging but it pushed me to use up some scraps
and I am really pleased with the finished layout - and Liam thought it was a great layout too!

Still waiting for me to scrapbook!

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