Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Just for Fun Cocoa Daisy April Challenge

I look forward each month to receive a new box of goodies from Cocoa Daisy. They run a challenge each month called "Just for Fun" I haven't always had time to participate but  I have had more time to play since my hubby has been travelling a lot for work this past month.

Our best friends were awaiting the arrival of their twins.... they arrived healthy and perfect on April 12, 2012. Luckily they didn't have to spend much time in the hospital and were all home by day 10. For Sara's first Mother's Day I wanted to create something very special for her. I asked Sheldon to make sure he got a photo of that big belly before she burst! I even sent him a photo of just a ladies belly in front of a window wearing a white shirt. When he sent me the photo via email i was speechless.... and then I sent him about 5 very excited emails...

Sara lost her dad just before Christmas this year, we were all worried about her stress level as she was 5 months along at that time. She sent me an email the night before she went into the hospital telling me how she felt. I decided to put everything together for her on a 14x14 Canvas for their bedroom, giving it to her was certainly a highlight of my Mothers Day.

I also made a page for myself and submitted it for this Cocoa Daisy Challenge.


  1. it was such a sweet gift and your page is just as lovely. so glad you got to play!

  2. What a wonderful gift and stunning layout! The husband did a wonderful job with the photo, and you elevated it to another level in both of your creations. :)

  3. Cute gift. I love how real the card is in terms of the picture you have in it of the mother with the baby.