Wednesday, 8 April 2015

March 2015 CS Sketchy Challenge

I'm trying to keep up with the CS Sketchy Challenge for 2015, a small scrapbooking goal! Like Sue, I'm also being a bit tardy, so thanks Sue for extending the deadline on this sketch :)

I have had this photo and paper sitting around for a l-o-n-g time, thanks for inspiring me to get it completed and in my 2012 Album Sue!

I also enjoyed using an older CS Sketchy Challenge sketch for inspiration this past weekend

What a fun day we had in December with our entire Management Team!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Canadian Scrapbooker SPRING 2015 Issue

Today on your local magazine stands is the Spring Issue of Canadian Scrapbooker. 

I am very honoured to be chosen in this issue to share my creative space that also doubles as my home office, in the "Where you Create" feature of the magazine. I also have a layout that shares some everyday memories from last May long weekend with our friends Sheldon & Sara. 

I find it difficult these days to find the time to "hideaway" in the loft and get these memories onto pages, our business has been consuming a lot of our time. I often find myself going back to my Facebook posts to help me with the journalling at times. I try to make time each week to send a few photos into an online photo centre so that when I do have a free hour I have something to choose from. I also find that if I have a few minutes in the evening, I try to pull papers and embellishments from my stash to layout on the table so that I have a few easy choices to scrapbook when I can squeeze in the time. These small tasks have allowed me to make my limited scrapbooking time more efficient and creative. What works for you?

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Its A Sketchy Challenge - CS Feb 2015 Sketch

Spent the weekend at war with a cold,
a low energy weekend but escaped to the loft for a creative hour or two each day.

Really loved the CS Sketch Challenge this month - in fact so much that I made two layouts with it!

One recent photo of my step-daughter Lena - she is a super talented Selfie picture taker! 
And my favourite 3 photos off the pile of Liam last hockey season, I better develop some of the ones from this season and enter those into the pile waiting to hit a page!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Canadian Scrapbooker Winter 2014/2015

I'm happy to share that I have been chosen to provide a layout in each CS issue since their Winter 2011 issue - and some issues I have had the opportunity to even have more then one!

This issue is on the stands until Feb 28th 2015, when you get your copy these layouts are on pages 97 & 99, I look forward to pouring over the wonderful pages of this book of inspiration :)

Monday, 1 September 2014

Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine - Fall 2014 Edition

Very THANKFUL to say that I have been published in each Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine for three years! The CS selection team has chosen many of my pages that are about my husband Sean or of Sean's photos, but in this issue Jackie requested one of my husbands photos. 

This is his first time contributing to the magazine (other then taking great photos for me to scrapbook) and is the back cover CS photo feature for "In the End". 
It's a special photo that Sean sent to Sue at Le Chanceux Winery last thanksgiving which she also used to wish her FB followers a Happy US Thanksgiving, and Le Chanceaux's Mantra "may you always count your blessings and know how lucky you are" sums it all up today... 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Shimelle Inspires me!

I have been in love with the Glitter Girl Video Series over at, which of course led me to

Shimelle has a series of blog posts on page Starting Points, I finally decided to get these photos of our New Years Getaway to Tofino scrapbooked as they were to be my first pages in my 2012 Album..... and I need to start a 2013 Album!

Here are the blog posts that inspired me to get these pages completed!

Scrapbook Starting Points - subtle patterned backgrounds

Scrapbooking Starting Points - stormy-new-zealand-seas/
you can see that this one was totally the inspiration to get these photos scrapbooked!

Thanks Shimelle - I love your blog and video series the Adventures of Glitter Girl!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Love working with Sketches

I have had a chance to play a little this week in the evenings. I picked out a few sketches from several sites that I follow/like on Facebook, one I worked on this week, the others I pulled papers and photos and placed them on my "ready to scrap" pile.

Here are the ones that I did get a chance to complete this week with lots of leftovers and pieces from my Cocoa Daisy kits.

Feb Sketch with Cocoa Daisy

I also finally worked on 2 other sketches that I have had set aside on the "ready to scrap" pile for quite sometime....

Fall Double the Fun Sketch with Canadian Scrapbooker

A sketch and page that I kept from the Aug/Sept 2009 Issue of Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine, I still miss that they don't do printed issues...

It was a good week for scrappy getaways during the evening in the loft!